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Established in February 2015, Mada Jy is a small minority-owned business, 100% owned and operated by me, Adja Mada Diakite. I was born and raised in Cote d’ivoire in West Africa, and I draw my inspiration from my melting pot of North and South Ivorian cultures. In fact “Jy” in the Bambara/ Mandingo langages means “beverages” but depending on the context can also be related to food or what makes you go.

Passionate about food and culture, Mada Jy, Mada “beverages” appeared to be the best way to expose more than 20 years of savoir faire from multiple life experiences. I left my country in 2001 to study in France. I was missing my parents, and I started making foods and drinks to alleviate my home sickness. My French friends were amazed and discovered other uses of my preparation. I was quickly tapped to supply friends from my college dorm.

I moved to Atlanta in 2010. The same thing happened. Home sickness, impossible to find those traditional drinks around without a long trip to exotic finery and yet not the family taste I was looking for. Most drinks were fizzy or sweet water flavored, foods not prepared the old way. I kept making beverages for my family and introduced the drinks to my new friends and colleagues for whom the flavors were a great discovery. This was an adventure to new, natural, unique beverages for many people. My early customers encouraged me to think about starting a business to share my drinks with more people. Exposing the pure West African taste became my mission.


Mada JY expose the African culture by drinks that have been known and used for centuries for their wellness benefit, way before sodas appeared in the continent. They were part of the welcoming drink in West Africa, as well as beverages for gathering with family, friends and colleagues. MADA JY brings Tradition of recipes crafted Over Generations and can be found in The Mandingo Tribe Of Ivory Coast In West Africa.
Like our ancestor our ingredients come from the land, freshly selected in Georgia. Our beverages are unpasteurized because we don’t want our customer to miss any of the wellness benefits they provide.